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Pitching in front of an audience requires PRACTICE!

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, ENET is still taking applications for eMinute speakers.  eMinute pitches will be presented virtually during ENET's scheduled webinars.

Learning to pitch your company is an essential skill for founders. You can practice on your own. You can practice in front of friends and colleagues, but the whole experience is different when pitching in front of a large room of strangers. BostonENET's eMinute program is a great way for founders to build experience pitching their companies in front of a large, friendly audience. Up to 2 founders are selected to present at the start of each BostonENET meeting.

eMinute is not another version of Shark Tank or its imitators. Founders get 90 seconds to introduce their company, talk about the problem they’re solving, the traction they’ve gotten, and what their next step is. It’s an ‘elevator pitch’.

Each pitch is followed by several minutes of feedback and suggestions from the panelists that are presenting during the main portion of the meeting. By the time the panel completes its feedback each founder has gotten about 5 minutes of free publicity in front of the meeting audience. With attendance ranging from 50 to 90 people an eMinute can provide substantial free exposure for a company and founder.

Interested founders should apply here.  You do not need to be an ENET nor IEEE member to apply.

Here is what previous presenters had to say about eMinute:

"The Entrepreneurial Minute was, from a business development perspective, the most productive five minutes of my career!" Jay Johnson, CEO, Synersoft.

“The eMinute was a great opportunity to get our message out to a diverse audience, and I am grateful to the Boston ENET for making it possible!,” Ray Deck, President, Element55: Automatic Time Capture.

Entrepreneurs will be prescreened by ENET and deemed to have a legitimate need prior to presenting.

If you have any questions, please contact eminute@boston-enet.org

Apply for eMinute