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We are currently seeking volunteers for the following areas:

Entrepreneurs’ Network Membership Committee Members

ENET is seeking volunteers to become a part of the Membership Committee. Members will work with the Membership Director to seek new members for ENET, develop benefits to attract members and to analyze membership patterns to see what the organization can do to better serve the entrepreneurial community

The commitment needed is to attend periodic committee meetings (probably no more that once every two to three months), contribute innovative ideas and carry out projects which the committee decides are valuable. Attendance at ENET monthly meetings and Advisory Board meetings is not required, but some exposure to them would be valuable in understanding the needs and capabilities of our organization and constituents.

ENET Volunteer Membership and Events (Regular and Special Events) Manager

ENET requires a volunteer to work with the Membership Director, Membership Committee and the Webmaster to maintain the membership and events database and to prepare lists and badges for event attendees.

This is a critical function for all ENET events and will require about 2-3 hours preparation before each event as well as some time (+/- 4 hrs per month) between events. Generally the volunteer should attend the monthly and ExCom meeting.

This position requires knowledge of MS Outlook, particularly import and export of CSV files, knowledge of how to create and manipulate spreadsheets, web based database and membership/event management applications (not as esoteric as it sounds) and understanding of the ENET membership structure and parameters. We can provide training in much of this as needed.

  1. Work with the webmaster to make changes to the member and events database structure as required. If they are extensive, provide any additional fund requirements to the Executive Committee
  2. Ensure that all members are receiving renewal notices
  3. Where the email addresses are not good, take action to find correct ones
  4. Enter new members manually if needed (this is increasingly rare)
  5. Maintain the Event Attendee Database
  6. Resolve Event Attendee problems
  7. Answer member questions or refer them to the Membership Chair for resolution
  8. Deal with refunds or other PayPal issues through the webmaster
  9. Compile member and attendee lists for the event sign in team and the badge computer
  10. Provide a membership and attendance report at the EX Com Meeting

For more information please contact Brigid Siegel, ENET Membership Director, membership@boston-enet.org.

Strategic Alliance Volunteer

Looking for a volunteer to call ENET alliance partners to encourage them to post ENET events on their web site and encourage partners to include ENET events in the email blasts to their membership.

For more information, please contact Maureen Mansfield at alliances@boston-enet.org