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Join The IEEE Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network

ENET memberships – memberships will resume beginning on October 1, 2020. Current members will have their memberships extended by 7 months. During the 2020-21 program year, the membership fee will be $75 for regular members, $65 for IEEE members, and $45 for students and veterans.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free attendance at regular meetings (20 meetings per year) with refreshments (except for webinars) and networking 
  • Free or reduced prices for other E-Net functions
  • Optional listing in our on-line membership directory
  • Reduced fees for meetings at many of our affiliate organizations
  • Eligibility for E-Net leadership positions*
  • Membership in the ENET LinkedIn group for networking and posting jobs.

* Not available to Student Members

Entrepreneurs' Network Membership Fees

For 1 year from the date you sign up:

  • $65.00 for IEEE member
  • $75.00 for non IEEE member
  • $45.00 for Students

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